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Little high BMI

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Hello, my weight is 60kgs and I am 158 cms in height. my bmi comes to around 25.5. And I am 35 years old (female). How to reduce my weight so as to correct the BMI?



1 Answers

  1. Shraddha-Team Nutritionist on Jul 26, 2012 Reply

    According to your height your IBW is 53. Your current weight is 60 so You are 7 kg overweight. You need to eat frequently, Add more vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruits, Five daily portion or servings of fruits and vegetables should be consumed. Consume complex carbohydrates-whole grain, beans or pulses; low fat milk and milk products, try to eat lean meats, chicken or fish (roasted, grilled and boiled).
    Reduce the content of fat and sugar in the diet. Avoid frying of foods-fried chicken or fish, bakery products,
    You have to start regular effective exercise. You must exercise at least 6 days in a week – 40 minutes each day – divided 20 minutes for brisk walk and 20 minutes for light weights.

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