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1 Answers

Diet change in Menopause

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Adults, Disease Specific

I just attained menopause at age 43. I am getting repeated vaginal infections. I am getting treated. Any addition in diet for menopause stage?

1 Answers

  1. Dr Suman Rao on Apr 11, 2013 Reply

    Calcium requirement is more, hence milk, yogurt, cheese, green vegges are are a must. calcium suppliments may be needed.Phyto estrogens are substances which could bind in the estrogen areas and reduce the menopausal symptoms.-Soy,beans,legumes,potatos, carrots,apples & yam.Consuming more of good fat,like flax seed,nuts,dry fruits,less sugar and more of fruits and vegetables will go a long way in keeping a check on your weight as tendency to gain weight esp. around the waist, is more.Drinking 2-3 litres of water is needed to prevent frequent urinary tract infections and dryness of skin and bones.Vaginal estrogen creams may be warrented at times for dry vagina & frequent infections.

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